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Film by Adrian Kuchenreuther (Director & DP) and David Herbst (editor).

Days Outside of Time
is a series of stories we have lived, written and captured throughout the past years of our love. It is not about travelling. We can do that at home in Lisbon. It’s about experiencing ourselves in places we don’t know, and places we know, but not as who we are then. It’s about late empty squares, window curtains waving in a room and one waiting at the bar. Stories about walking streets that have no special name, eating in restaurants that no one knows and doing things at night that no one cares about as much as we do. Lovers who sometimes like to waste a late summer evening arguing, in an old grand hotel, where the view is overwhelming. 

We don’t need much more the next day than a smile in the morning, tickets for a museum and a bit of hope for some negotiation at lunch. Sometimes, after two bottles, we still haven’t found a solution, but then there was no reason to fight, except the fact that the evenings come earlier, later in summer. We can then try to be happy, noticing life for a moment. The lights and people shine down in the cafés, with no fear, and we could be all these people, everywhere, all at once. Searching for days outside of time, where all times and all places are condensed into one, and there is nowhere to go but for dinner.

Konstantin Arnold (33) is a German writer, living in Lisbon, working for international newspapers and magazines to afford olives and red wine on friday nights. His first book Libertin – Letters from Lisbon was published in December 2020 and is cinematically realised in a movie project under the same name.

Catarina Fernandes (30) is a Portuguese marketer, passionate about music, cinema, and history, who has always reserved these interests for her leisure moments. “If you do what you love for a living, the magic fades away, it becomes an obligation”, she used to say. It is now, after 8 years working in Digital Marketing, that she finds herself blending her skills with her passions.