September 2019

The end of that summer started with a wedding. Not ours, we just took over the honeymoon. It was a while ago, but we can still remember a lot of wine, long driveways, dust, cypress trees, and clouds that just hung there, over a huge wave of landscape. We sat under the trees in lost villages where they didn’t know how to serve bad food or bad wine because it didn’t exist there. You can still find Tuscany as you dreamed of it if you drive far enough away from the castles that everyone wants you to see. In every village, we were the only foreigners, and in every Bottega we ordered a bottle of wine, some cheese, and Prosciutto Toscano. 
In Siena we grabbed one slice of pizza each and sat at an angle in Piazza del Campo, facing the Palazzo Publico and its famous tower. There we listened to stories of how 27% of Erasmus students found love while studying abroad and we bet that the majority met in Siena, where the chances of bumping into each other every day are higher and where the tomato sauce increases testosterone levels. Years later one out of a million Erasmus babies is named after this city and we wondered what would have happened if there had been no problems in the system that placed the parents in the wrong university. His first choice was Paris, hers was Genoa. We couldn’t help but wonder if it was their choice to trust the chances or if it was by chance that they had no other choice. And how can some people still be convinced that their soulmate was born in their hometown?
Pizza in Sienna
Sienna door
Why did we even choose Bagno Vignoni? It’s quite hard to choose where to stay in Tuscany because everywhere they promise you the best wines, the best roads and the best views and then you realise they are all right, which makes your easy life harder. We understood why we had to stay here when we met the receptionist at the check-in. He was a very young man who told us that 20 years ago, some people asked his father if they could use his house for a small shoot. He agreed, they tossed him a few bucks and shot their scenes. A couple of years later, it became a hundred-million-dollar movie and the winner of 5 Oscars. ‘That final scene with the guy walking through the fields, caressing dry grass? All made in a studio. Russel Crowe never came to Tuscany’, he also told us. At that moment, we had to run. ‘Can you get us our car?’.
ADLER Spa Resort Thermae
The cabrio matched the landscape, and the dust that got into our skin and hair after a whole day searching for the Gladiator‘s house, matched the hotel where we stayed. There we could wash away the dust from our skin in the thermal water from the depths of the earth. As we strolled in bathrobes and hotel slippers among other (senior) guests, we wondered if we were no longer young and sexy. But then they offered us a visit to the Grotta Salina, a dark cave of Dead Sea salt and 38-degree healing water just for us, where we swam naked and felt young again.
Tuscany fields

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